SCOM 2012 Linux Monitoring (Lab) – Part 3.5 Agent Deployment

While publishing part 3 I run into a problem which I would like to share.

Two command which you might need…

To get the LINUX agents version type:

rpm -q scx


To uninstall a LINUX agent type (logon as root):

rpm -e scx

So while I tried to deploy a LINUX agent I received the following error:

The WinRM client received an HTTP status code of 501 from the remote WS-Management service


I tried to uninstall and install the LINUX agent but didn’t help.

I found an article which describes a problem with a Windows patch KB2585542. I followed this article here and after that I could sucessfully deploy the LINUX agent.

What I did was on my management server uninstalling this patch KB2585542…


and then added this registry key…


No reboot was required. Then everything went o.k.

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