Azure Logic App – Send Data From Application Insights To Azure Log Analytics


If you followed the Ignite 2017 announcements and Microsoft’s latest trends you figured out that serverless applications are getting more and more boost in Microsoft’s cloud strategy. Logic Apps is one of these new awesome iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) services, which let’s you reduce complexity, coding and also headache :). Microsoft summarizes the Logic Apps like this…

Logic Apps provide a way to simplify and implement scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud. It provides a visual designer to model and automate your process as a series of steps known as a workflow. There are many connectors across the cloud and on-premises to quickly integrate across services and protocols. A logic app begins with a trigger (like ‘When an account is added to Dynamics CRM’) and after firing can begin many combinations of actions, conversions, and condition logic.

I would like to share one example of such an integration between systems. The goal is to send data from Application Insights (AI) to Azure Log Analytics (ALA). As you know, Microsoft changed the Log Analytics backend to Kusto, which is the same system that is using Application Insights. There is a solution available for OMS which imports the data from Application Insights to Azure Log Analytics. BUT there could be cases, where you want to insert custom data from AI to ALA on a regular schedule, which is not available through this connector. This is exactly what I want to show you in this blog post. This is not a real world scenario, but gives you a pretty good idea how it works and how powerful it can be.

In Azure I created a Logic App which looks like this…


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