VMM 2012 R2 – Remove Corrupted SCOM Connector

Yet another interesting SCOM problem. Today I was at a customer for fixing some SCOM issues, respectively to reinstall SCOM. The problem was, that there was a SCOM incl. VMM integration in place. Because of many issues SCOM was removed without properly removing the VMM integration. So if you tried to remove the SCOM connector in VMM 2012 R2 an error appeared…


After some research I found a Cmdlet which seemed to be promising called SCOpsMgrConnection https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh801688.aspx , if you study this article you find that there is a –force switch. My general rule is, if there is a –force switch, I use the –force switch :). So we executed the command on the VMM server and the result looked like this…


After this task, we could run the SCOM connector wizard in VMM 2012 R2 without any further issues. I like!

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