SCOM 2016 TP3 – Connecting Operations Management Suite Problem

Microsoft released SCOM 2016 TP3 end of August 2015 and of course I am eager to know what’s new. One problem I hit, was trying to onboard SCOM to Operations Management Suite (OMS) on Windows Server 2016 TP3. Onboarding to OMS is as easy as 1-2-3 (usually), but this time Internet Explorer settings are blocking the sign-in process.

I am talking about this connector here…


When you first start the connector, will face this screen…


Because this Windows contains just a embedded Website we check the URL…


…after adding the URL above to the Trusted Sites, you are prompted for credentials…


…you can try to sign in you will hit another error that cookies must be allowed. We check the URL and add this site to Trusted Sites in IE….


At one point, I even hit another error, showing me an URL, that OMS is not available. Checking the URL, redirected me to the ancestor of OMS :)…


After I added the URL above I still could not run the OMS connector wizard. Because we should enable JavaScript, I enabled the Active Scripting for Internet zone in IE…


I still was not able to run the configuration wizard, but luckily I saw a tweet from MVP Adin Ermie which mentioned to enable the settings Trusted Sites to Medium-Low…


…and finally adding these three sites to the Trusted Sites zone…


After all this configuration issues setup, I was able to run the OMS connector successfully.

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