SCOM 2012 R2 – Discovery was not successful “Unspecified failure” (Ubuntu 12.04)

Today I have been playing around with some other Linux distribution and I ran into a strange error. I ran the SCOM discovery wizard and the after a few seconds the wizard showed me this error….


Because I had not used the Ubuntu distribution before I used searched for several misconfigurations and found some other issues but they did not explain this error.

Well, after a long time I changed the password for the account to discover the Ubuntu server and then the discovery ran without an issue….


The old password was…


and I changed it for the ease of use to…


and then it worked.

Strange error, but if you have such an error try to avoid the “$” sign. Maybe there is also an issue with other special characters.

I did not make any further tests, but hopefully it saves a bit of time solving your issues.

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