Quick Post – Import-SCOMManagementPack : The requested management pack is not valid. See inner exception for details.

I have seen in the forum there are some difficulties using the Import-SCOMManagementPack cmdlet for SCOM 2012. Some time ago I wrote a post about how to import multiple MPs using Import-SCOMManagementPack.

If you try to import just one MP you might get a meaningless error in PowerShell like this…


The solution is to check the OperationsManager event log on the management server where you try to import the MP. There you will find an error event 26319 like this…


Full Exception: : Management Pack “[Microsoft.SystemCenter.ClientMonitoring.Library, 31bf3856ad364e35, 7.0.9538.0]” kann nicht importiert werden. Diese Version des Management Packs wurde bereits in die Datenbank importiert.

If you look close at the bottom line you will find the exact reason for the cmdlet to fail. The sentence is in German but in my case it says, that this version of MP already exists in the database.

Lessons learned: Not all problems are that hard to solve – may the force of the event log be with you :).

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