Quick Post – Visio 2013 Stencils Bluish Single-Colored

Today I had some conceptual work to do and as this always involves some fancy Visio diagrams, I ran into a problem which might also could happen to you.

Microsoft has released  great Windows Server 2012 / Office 365 stencils for Visio 2013. You can find them here. As soon you start Visio and import the the stencils and drag your first shape onto your drawing you will see something like this…


As you can see the shapes are just bluish single-colored. Not what I really want, though. After some time a fellow from my company came up with the solution.

Go to DESIGN and click on the little arrow in the right corner…


…now the menu expands and you need to select the white squares “No theme” and also deselect the “Apply Theme to New Shapes”…


Now you can drag and drop the shapes in the color as you would expect…


The strange thing is, that I haven’t encountered this problem with any other stencils so far.

I hope it saves you some time…


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