SCOM 2012 – Fixing SLA Dashboard Weird ID Naming Problem

Some time ago, while doing some distributed applications and SLA dashboards I encountered a problem in the SLA dashboard. Instead of displaying the full readable name of the objects there were partially some ID’s from the management pack displayed.

I usually install an English Windows Server operating system and also the English version of the respective software. In this case I have an English Windows Server 2012 version and System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1. My regional settings on the management server are configured for German (Switzerland) of course.

I created for some testing purposes a distributed application like this…


and configured a some Service Level Tracking as usual…


Now I configured the service level dashboard for my DA Test 3.  I ran the wizard and after the wizard finished and the dashboard appeared I saw some ID’s instead the display name of the objects…


As a good practice I recommend saving every distributed application (DA) in a dedicated management pack. I also saved the DA, the Service Level Tracking and the dashboard in this example in one management pack.

I exported my management pack and opened it in Notepad++. If you go to the <LanguagePack> section you see the <DisplayString> ID’s which corresponds to the entries in the dashboard and <Name> which is the display name in the dashboard. Both values seem to be correct…


To fix my issue I selected the entires <LanguagePack></LanguagePack> section and copied it…


Then I pasted this section ab0ve the <LanguagePack> ID=”ENU” section and changed the <LanguagePack> ID=”ENU” from my copy to <LanguagePack> ID=”DES” . The ID corresponds to my localization setting German (Switzerland) on my management servers. ID=”ENU” stands for English. I saved this changes to my management pack and imported the modified management pack. You don’t need to delete the persisting MP in your management group, just import the new MP.


And immediately the display strings appear in the correct format….


I encountered the same issue in SCOM 2012 and there are maybe other ways to fix this problem. I think this is a very easy, save and trouble free way of getting your SLA dashboard to work.

If you need other localization ID’s for your language check this post here from Travis Wright which talks about localizing management pack content for Service Manager but it also applies to SCOM. There you will find some ID’s for other languages which I think mostly apply also to SCOM.


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