SCOM 2012 – PowerShell Grid Widget & Web Console Pitfall

In the past posts I have blogged about the new dashboard widgets primarily about PowerShell Grid & Web Widget. As in every technology there are cases were you stumble on some errors. This happens to me while playing with the PowerShell Grid Widget.

The following code should list all processes which have a CPU value and display them in the PowerShell Grid Widget. Displaying few processes is not a fancy thing and it worked in the SCOM console itself but as soon I opened the SCOM web console I faced an ugly error.

The script looks like this…


In my opinion a nice simple script, which should run without any problem in the widget. Well, in the SCOM console it works without any issue…


But how does it look in the web console? Well, not as pretty…


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SCSM – Adding Activities Using SMA / PowerShell Workflow

For the past couple of weeks I have been doing some automation stuff using Service Management Automation (SMA) and therefore PowerShell in conjunction with Service Manager. I like PowerShell very much, especially if I can interact with other systems. As you might know in the “old” days you would use Orchestrator and Service Manager to start your datacenter automation project.  This was very handy because you already had all parts delivered by Microsoft like Orchestrator Integration Packs to build your runbooks and also a connector to integrate the runbooks into Service Manager. In the current days you have SMA and Service Manager but no connector unless you use the SMA Connector from Cireson  combined with their Self-Service Portal to unleash the full power of all components (SCSM, SMA, PowerShell).

Depending on your automation / process you will sooner or later need to find a way to add dynamically activies (manual, review, parallel, sequential etc.) to your service request in Service Manager. Just to understand what I am talking about, here a screenshot of my service request…


I had the requirement to add dynamically a sequential activity into a given parallel activity and the sequential activity should contain a review activity followed by a SMA runbook activity. It should look like this…


In my case dynamically means, to trigger a PowerShell script / workflow (a certain number of times) which will create this basic activity framework. To fulfill this task I installed / will use the smlets from codeplex on the SCSM server.

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Jalasoft – Xian SNMP Device Simulator V5

At some point in your SCOM career you need to have quick access to a network device because you either need to show the SCOM network monitoring capabilities, develop a SNMP management pack or you might need to build some custom SNMP monitors or rules. I think it is always a pain to carry a switch / router with me :) or to get access in a customer environment. For such and more reasons, companies like Jalasoft created a SNMP Device Simulator.


This May Jalasoft released version 5 of their software and I would like to give you a short overview of this clever and mature software.

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SCOM 2012 R2 – Web Console Error “Connection session is not found”

Today while installing SCOM in the lab faced a strange issue. When I tried to open the web console I faced this error…


Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Presentation.DataAccess.DataProviderException: An error occurred executing the command: [Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Presentation.Security!DeclaredAssemblyDataProvider/GetAssemblies] in provider: [Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Presentation.Security.DeclaredAssemblyDataProvider, Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Presentation.Security, Version=7.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35]. : Connection session is not found.

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SCOM 2012 – Example Agent Health Check Dashboard Using PowerShell Grid Widgets

In this post I would like to show you what the benefit is of having PowerShell integration in dashboards. The days before having the PowerShell widgets you mostly needed to export your PowerShell queries / results into some sort of text file / Excel sheet etc. to display the result. For example a common request is to have a list of grey agents or list all agents that do not have the proxy setting enabled on your monitored agents etc. Because of that I created some sort of health check dashboard which let’s you display common request in one single spot.

The requests I get a lot are:

  1. Display all servers from the domain which do not have a SCOM agent installed
  2. Display all agents which do not have an Active Directory computer account. E.g. this means either there is a server decommissioned but the agent is not deleted in SCOM.
  3. Display all grey agents which the watcher node cannot contact.
  4. Display agents which do not have the proxy setting enabled.

I created a simple grid dashboard with 4 cells…


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SCOM 2012 – Fun Jukebox Dashboard With PowerShell Widgets

I am currently experimenting with the PowerShell widgets and trying to figure out what you can do and what you cannot do. My funny idea was to create a Jukebox dashboard where you can select a song and PowerShell will play it using the “beep sounds”. Yes I know SCOM is a monitoring tool but the thing I wanted to find out if we can add some sort of sound / beeps / voice to the PowerShell Grid Widgets / dashboard.

The setup is simple, I used 3 Image Widgets and two PowerShell Grid Widgets. It looks like this…


If you want to see it in action I recorded a small video. I had to re-record the sound from my local system, because the RDP connection beeps were just awful…

There are two things I use for the sounds, for the voice itself  “Please select…” I use the System.speech assembly and for the sound I use the [console]::beep() function. For the music I found the samples here so all the credits to the authors.

You can download the scripts in the TechNet Script Center here.

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SCOM 2012 – Display & Download MPs Using PowerShell Widgets

A nice and sexy way to have the latest management packs at your fingertips is using the new PowerShell widgets.

The SCOM product team shows in their example how you could list the management packs using the PowerShell Grid widget. Stanislav Zhelyazkov also provided a script to fully download all management packs with PowerShell. I used some code from these guys to connect to the management pack list and getting all MPs.

I slightly changed the code to create a custom object and for getting the ID of the MP and displaying it in the PowerShell Grid widget. Combining the PowerShell Grid widget with the new PowerShell Web Browser widget we have immediate access to the management pack download sites.

Clicking on any of the MP’s listed will direct you to the Microsoft Download Center…


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